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    Course for safe handling of weapons


    According to Ordinance No. 13 - 575 of March 2011, all persons wishing to obtain a permit to carry a short rifle firearm must have a certificate of completion of a course for safe handling of weapons.
    VIP Weapon and Shooting Complex Pro Hunter is pleased to provide you with the opportunity to learn from some of the best in this field.
    The course includes 16 hours of theoretical and 16 hours of practical training. The theoretical part includes lectures by a lawyer, the purpose of which is to acquaint the student with the legal norms, his rights and obligations when handling and carrying a firearm. Lectures by a doctor on first aid for persons injured by firearms. A qualified instructor will acquaint the trainees with the classification of firearms, the rules for safety when working with firearms and ammunition, rules for maintenance and storage of weapons, types of ammunition for small arms, general information on internal ballistics, basic elements of shooting technique and shooting. - the firearms widespread in our country.
    The practical part includes individual work with a shooting range instructor. Shooting with the main classes of firearms in the most popular calibers, from different positions and performing various shooting exercises, the purpose of which is to teach the trainee how to properly and safely handle firearms.
    After passing the theoretical and practical part, an exam is taken before the KOS service. The day for the exam is pre-scheduled and announced. The exam consists of two parts, a test on the theoretical part and shooting with a pistol at 25 meters for the practical one. Only those who pass the test are allowed to shoot. The exam is held at the shooting range of VIP Weapons and Shooting Complex Pro Hunter, with address GM Blvd. Dimitrov 51.

    Only persons who have passed the theoretical and practical part are allowed to take the exam.

    To register for the exam, the following original documents are required:
    1) Certificate of criminal record
    2) Note from a psycho-dispensary
    3) ID card
    4) 2 pcs. passport photos
    A copy is made on the ID card, and the originals of the other documents are returned to the student after the end of the course.

    The price of the course is BGN 250.00 without VAT.

    The dates for courses in Sofia, in 2024 are:

    January: 27 and 28
    February: 24 and 25
    March: 30 and 31
    April: 27 and 28
    May: 18 and 19
    June: 29 and 30 
    July: 27 and 28
    August: 24 and 25
    September: 28 and 29
    October: 26 and 27
    November: 23 and 24

    For bookings and more information contact us on 0885 166 321

    Business hours: Monday to friday, 10:00 to 19:00.

    Записване за курса

    Изпратете необходимата информация за курс-а и наш сътрудник, ще се свърже с Вас за повече информация.